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The Camp: June 15 – 18



Binders and Notebooks

What is Journalism?

Journalism: A History

The First Amendment (TIME)

Freedom of the Press (TIME)

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News Values

Writing: News, Features, Editorials

Five W’s and an H

Inverted Pyramid

Fact vs. Opinion

Interviewing Exercises

Writing Profiles: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How Profile

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Mini-Research Project

Ida B. Wells (Video)

Nellie Bly (Video)

Set Up Blog:



News Literacy

Photojournalism (7 Tips)

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Pre-Interview Prep

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Letters to the Editor

Film Reviews



Guest Speaker: Gregg Jones (Union Missourian editor)

Interviews: Joel Doepker and Shelli Allen



Investigative Journalism, Muckraking, Yellow Journalism, Participatory Journalism

Editorials: Rhetorical Appeals (Rhetorical Appeals Infographic)

Media Literacy

Social Media



Journalists to Know

Women with a Deadline (History of Female Journalists)


Nellie Bly Collection (More Nellie Bly Resources)

Ida B. Wells Collection

Ida M. Tarbell Collection

Upton Sinclair Collection

Jacob Riis Collection

Dorothea Lange Collection

William Randolph Hearst

Joseph Pulitzer

Woodward and Bernstein

100 Outstanding Journalists in the US in the Last 100 Years


Tavi Gevinson (Makers)

Tavi Gevinson (TED Talk)

“Tavi Forever” (Feature Story)