The Camp: June 15 – 18



Binders and Notebooks

What is Journalism?

Journalism: A History

The First Amendment (TIME)

Freedom of the Press (TIME)

* * *

News Values

Writing: News, Features, Editorials

Five W’s and an H

Inverted Pyramid

Fact vs. Opinion

Interviewing Exercises

Writing Profiles: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How Profile

* * *

Mini-Research Project

Ida B. Wells (Video)

Nellie Bly (Video)

Set Up Blog:



News Literacy

Photojournalism (7 Tips)

* * *

Pre-Interview Prep

* * *

Letters to the Editor

Film Reviews



Guest Speaker: Gregg Jones (Union Missourian editor)

Interviews: Joel Doepker and Shelli Allen



Investigative Journalism, Muckraking, Yellow Journalism, Participatory Journalism

Editorials: Rhetorical Appeals (Rhetorical Appeals Infographic)

Media Literacy

Social Media



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